Siemer Family Housing Stabilization Program at East Central Ministries Prevents Families from Becoming Unhoused

Stable housing for families means more than a roof over your head. It means knowing you will be able to afford your home for years to come, keeping your children in their school, having steady employment, having opportunities to thrive and plan for a bright future. United Way’s partnership with the Siemer Family Foundation, ABC Community School Partnership, and East Central Ministries provides a preventative program for families who are one paycheck away, or one emergency away from losing their home. This program aims to help families experience stability and thrive.

Ten months after the launch of the program in January 2022, word of the Siemer Family Housing Stabilization Program has brought 69 referrals to East Central Ministries (ECM). Eighteen of these families have met the requirements to receive support through the program and have experienced success. (Other families referred also received support through ECM’s other programs and partnerships.) Case Manager, Lornel Baker, shared one such story.

Providing wrap-around case management with a multi-generational approach helps to address the needs of all family members. All families in the program are asked to attend a support group every week unless working or going to school. Topics such as budgeting, self-care, landlord/tenant policies and issues are discussed to support all families in overcoming challenges to meeting their goals. Kierstyn Francois, ECM Case Manager, shared a story of one client’s success through their participation. 

As families across Albuquerque struggle with rent increases, job instability, and health challenges, this program aims to prevent them from losing their homes while their children have continued stability in their schools.

Ideally, referrals that reach Case Managers three months in advance of a rental payment crisis prevent families from receiving eviction notices and help them remain in their homes. 

Program Requirements include: 

  • Have a child in the Albuquerque Public School System (Pre-K to 12) – child needs to live with you at least part-time 
  • Become part of the case management program for minimum of 3 months  
  • Have a source of income or be willing to gain employment 
  • Meet with Case Manager weekly  
  • Highly motivated to work towards stable home and living situation with your family 

Early January 2023, over two hundred and sixty clients had been impacted by the work of East Central Ministries and ABC Community Schools partnership. Case Managers are constantly involved in following up with the families that are seeking housing stability.  

ECM has increased the impact to the community by hiring a bilingual Spanish Speaker Case Manager. 

For more information, please contact East Central Ministries Case Manager  
Lornel Baker, , 505-900-4469 


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